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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Internet business as well of some of my fishing pictures.

    I really want to write about some extraordinary trip that we made or about how I am conquering the Internet marketing field and making tons of money.  I really want to write about something that could benefit the world and mankind. I want to have a purpose in my writing is the premise that I getting to.  But instead I'm going to write about some more Internet marketing tools and practices that I putting to use.
    One aspect of today's vast Internet marketing field that I use is referrals and ways to make some extra cash by utilizing these.  I have been searching for a proven method to get referrals.  That's a business in itself.  I don't have to be the icon of business referrals but I am going to have to get my share.  I've been reading such articles about sending 1000's of emails out at periodic intervals. As well as articles on building lists.  I presume that the idea is to get a percentage of interested prospects in something and to explain from my experience in whatever endeavor that I am marketing.  I believe in honesty first so if I'm doing well in a referral I am going to tell you. If I'm not doing so well I'm going to explain why and my intentions as to recommending this referral.  As you have seen in my past posts I have referred a few business that I'm take advantage of.  Some of the businesses I use are of in the advertising field.  At present I am on a limited budget so free comes to mind when I see it advertised.  These free advertisers offer you a chance to earn visitors to your blog or web site by taking part in such things as surfing through blogs and web sites.  This might sound trivial and you have to surf for a while to earn thee kind of visitors it takes to land referrals in your business.  At any rate free is also what you make of it in this kind of advertising.  I currently as I stated am on a budget so these advertisers definitely get traffic to you site but sometimes it takes many visitors to land even one referral.  As well you can see some of the businesses that I refer and I surf many opportunities a day I am actively involved in.  In my opinion these are legitimate Internet businesses and can make you some serious cash if you participate willingly and earnestly.  There are vast amounts of Internet businesses to get invovled in and I'm currently involved in two that I think will get me where I want to go financially.  These businesses also offer referral compensation and I recommend these as a viable way to have a business on the Internet that is profitable and sustainable for the future.     
   The above advertisement makes a bold statement by any means.  Everybody knows that $1,000,000 is a lot of money.  This isn't what first brought me into this business. Being realistic I would like to double the money that I currently earn and in the future if there's $1,000,000 in it I believe this is as good of opportunity to make as any other that I have read about. I am currently going through the initial stages of learning what is going to be asked of me.  Being a member they go ahead and let you start their referral program upfront.
   Another business that you might find advertised on this blog I have actively been working and have made some money but nothing as compared to what I can make at he upper methods for earning in this business.

Once I begin working the upper methods I should see my work start paying off.  Now at the lower methods I am breaking even but this will pay my way to the upper methods.  They have a excellent forum for help and discussing business issues.  So far everybody has been helpful and I am anxious to work my way up.


   I really can't think of how to continue this post so I conclude with a few family moments in pictures..  Above is(1) my wife and Donna waiting for us to return from fishing. (2) Waiting for the fish. (3)  this is a picture of my strawberry patch..(4) This is my youngest gbaby picking strawberries.
 All of this writing about Internet marketing and online business has made me stop and think what is actually important.  I thought I'd try to bring to you some things about me and my family just to keep a side of me that is as important as business a part of this blog..  bye for now,


Attitudes are contagious.  Are yours worth catching?  ~Dennis and Wendy Mannering

Sunday, November 7, 2010

More adventures into internet marketing and affiliate marketing

   I have made in my opinion great strides to get deeper into affiliate marketing.  I have been searching deligently the past few days for something that will work.  The statement " I have made great strides " is due to the fact that actually over the past 6 or 7 years I have been searching on and off.  I have invested some money in several internet businesses never to reach any level of success.  As I stated in previous posts that I will never know how high I can reach until I try.  That's one character trait that I have is I'm trying constantly to keep reaching for my definition of "success".  I try to keep in mind that financial "success" might not be where my strenght lies.  I also keep in mind that if I live with some of my principles then this also could be a measuring tool of my "success". 
    Back to the point of the article, my searching has opened a few methods of bringing to me at least some continuity between some of the means to internet marketing or affiliate marketing.  Some of the advertising methods used were in the form of simple keywords that I have added in my ads.  Referrals are a means to show you perspective visitors that I actually have used this site.   Earn cash online accepting advertisers offers is something in the works currently which we are promoting.  As many owners of businesses know advertising is crucial.  Free advertising isn't always as bad as what people tell you.  In some instances it is being tested and the phrase "you get what you pay for" has until now may not be the case.  At any rate that is the jist of my dive into my mind as to the early discoveries of internet marketing and affiliater marketing.  I'm no expert by any means and may never be but at least I keep trying.  bye for now,

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A day in the life of online marketing

Today I really wanted to write about my fishing trip that I made this week, or how slow the cleaning business was and I don't understand why.  I wanted to write about some of the quality time I spent with my family and why it was so.  But instead I've decided to write more about online marketing and how it keeps me busy if nothing else.  As you may or may have not noticed I've started to put a few advertisements on my blog.  I can honestly say that I use all of these advertisers and they seem to do pretty well getting my blog and web sites looked at.  Like I said in a previous post if I am going to use a business then why not promote them if it is in my interest.  To be honest I started advertising free with these businesses and now I can say that I pay to have my blog noticed.  I use these advertisers to get  somebody to notice the web sites I promote as well as promoting the advertisers which if they are noticed on this blog then I receive compensation.  I have started advertising with link exchanges.  I am trying to do what everyone else seems to be doing and that is making some money.  I 'm believe in duplication and that if something works for someone else if I can duplicate as close as possible then maybe it will work for me.  I have to be honest and I have looked at several blogs and they seem to be successful and mine is not in the same design or as informative as most of the others.  There are some real imaginative blogs out there.  I just tell myself that I'm doing the best I can.  I can take a sense of pride from the fact that I'm doing all myself.  Another thing that I would like to write about is referrals.  I am trying to build some quality referral sites.  If I can get someone to sign up then I will be compensated.  I do business with everyone that I refer.  In my opinion they are doing well and why not connect myself with them.  I also advertise my referrals using the advertisers on this blog.  Some of the referrals are mentioned on this blog as well.  If there is time in your busy day please check them out.  The future of the online marketing is unclear.  I do know that the businesses that I market are making money.  I am going to try to duplicate more of the blogs that I look through on a daily basis.  There is a lot going on and I don't have the time for everything, nobody does.  If I can accomplish a few business details a day then it will pay off in the long run.  To close as I said in the beginning of this post I wanted to write about the things going on in my life but I have been wrapped up in the Internet business that I'd thought I'd write about this instead.  Hopefully next time I can include about some of the other things important to me in this world.         bye,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some discoveries about online marketing that I'm going to share

      Something that might interest some of you and others who are already aware is that internet advertising can be a do-it-yourself promotional experience.  What I mean by that is that one of the advertisers of this blog lets you surf web pages to earn credit for advertising on your web site. I think this is constructive because if you have an advertising budget and you would like to get more visitors simply surf other web sites and the sponsoring advertiser will give you credits for getting someone to view your web site.  They also except cash as well.
      Internet Marketing has many facets and is complicated  as well as overwhelming.  One part of the business is referrals .  This can be an attractive incentive in deciding on a marketing stradagy.  If the marketing web site that you are currently using is doing a good job then why not refer them if you can make some money.  This is an incentive that a online marketing business might use to get more associates.  If you are using this brand of marketing then why would'nt you refer the businesses that you do business with.
      Many of us still look at advertising as promoting a product.  Todays online marketing provides many aspects of products as well as services and brings to a different light the term advertising to promote an online business idea. Marketing an idea can consist of different stradagies to market that idea.  These stradagies turn into businesses even in todays conventions utilizing the latest technology. To this I am referring to something like an online advertising agency that uses the latest software to promote a product as well as promoting themselves by using the idea which say and affiliate marketing business would use.  If you will agree it is very incomprehensible as to what will come up next.
     By know means am I an expert.  I am trying to define online marketing mostly through my own eyes.  This post and this blog are trying to expand on the online marketing.  I am going to explain my perceptions as best I can and let you decide if there is a purpose for you in these posts.  To get to the point I'm explaining it as I see it.  This blog is also a blog where I can inform you of my pursuits and interests in life. if you can find time in your busy day I'd sure like your opinion as to what you like or dislike about this blog.              Bye,

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some more about our Internet business

Lately our cleaning business has slowed somewhat.  I just can't figure it out.  Anyway this lead to some free time to try a few things in the way of advertising and especially on the Internet.  We are trying different things to make this marketing pay for all of our advertisng needs.  We have added such lines of products as electronics and renting and selling down loads of video movies.  There are a couple of other areas that we are working on in the way of paying for our advertising and we will bring them to you as we continue to explore them.  We feel that this marketing stradagy is evolving daily.  What worked yesterday may still work today but there might be better ways to bring our business to our customers.  Some things we are trying is social networking.  We have constructed a Facebook page.  We are contacting different friends and family to look at it and give us some feedback either positively or negatively. Either way we are going to try to improve our public exposure.  As I said our friends and family are trying to find us through this means so if one of you get a chance to read this please give us some feedback at your convienence.  We have added application to our networking which our business contacts can give us feedback as well.  We welcome this and accept any feedback positively or other.  I'll close today and say that we are dedicated to our friends and family as well to any clients that we have.  We will keep you informed of our progress and our drawbacks as they occur.  Maybe we can all gain something out of this experience.  Finally I'm looking forward to next week as my son and I are taking the day off to do a little trout fishing.  He has been under a lot of stress for a while as he recently bought a home and everything that goes with that.  I'll try to include some pictures of this trip if for nothing else but my simple pleasure.  Thanks for letting me encroach on your time with this little bit of information.  Hope you keep coming back.           Bye.....

Friday, October 15, 2010

I started an Internet business web site.

Having the luxury or the problem depending on how one looks at it of having too much time on my hands I have began a new quest for my life.  Today's commerce is immersed in Internet businesses and any one can be a part of it.  This is my perception and so with no formal degree I launched an Internet business.  As with most blogs web sites that I have looked at advertising a personal business is looked down upon.  With this I will only say that am building a web site for my wives business and some marketing on the Internet. It will be up to me to make sure that people who follow this blog will make the connection.  As I stated this web site will be twofold in theory.  Firstly I will try to bring my wives business to the local market as well as market some Internet businesses that have caught my eye. I have begun lining up some businesses such as referral websites and there hopefully will be more coming.  As I have said in early postings on this blog I am trying to earn a few dollars with this web site though as of this posting I haven't earned any. As the days go on I will detail how everything is going and present it in a better format than text. That's all for now,

Saturday, September 18, 2010

How do we capture an account?

  My wife started her business with just a knock on a couple of doors and handed a flyer or two out.  She successfully completed her first assignment for a corporation.  She is supposed to be called back for another assignment in a few days.  In the meanwhile she is planning to duplicate the marketing process which landed her first account.  Knocking on doors and handing out flyer's presents a challenge because one never knows if this is the best method.  The idea behind knocking on doors is that it is inexpensive and more personal than a telephone call or direct mail.  We have started to build a website but it is just in the initial stages of design and probably won't be ready for a couple of months.  The old adage that it takes money to make money is ever present in her marketing strategy.  She has a limited budget for this and in the short term this is going to hurt the chances of acquiring the contacts needed to expand her business.  I am just saying to you some of the things we discuss about the business and marketing it.  She does have time though and she is planning personal visits to potential customers very soon.  I am arranging for her to try a little direct mail advertising soliciting to just businesses that could use her.  The price be it worthwhile is a setback for us at this time.  If there are other methods of inexpensive advertising I'd sure like to see them and how they work.  I believe that after her website is up and running there will be a greater chance of getting her business advertised.  The design and the advertising for the website is being done without professional assistance so progress is slow to say the least.  Keeping up with new conventions in Internet business is a 24 hour a day job and one can never have enough experience or knowledge to keep abreast of all of the rapid changes.  We are going to settle for doing the best we can and hope that it gets some results.  Honestly I'm sure everyone has seen plenty a wonderfully built websites and if your like me try to duplicate one of these is pure hope.  We are trying to design a website that explains some of the responsibilities we are offering our customers.  As of yet there are no images on the website as it seems time doesn't permit us to include them.  We are taking pictures of our work and planning on displaying them as a marketing tool.  So far our website has 2 incomplete pages.  A few pictures and a form or two is all that is needed to start publish her website.  Certainly I would like to know other opinions on website design and this is one of the reasons for creating this blog.  I believe after we are satisfied with a couple of pages being designed as best as we can then we can start marketing the website.  This is a whole other can of worms so I write on it another day.  To close today I'll let it be known that we are going to pursue my wives business using as many different marketing strategies as money permits until something works.  She works hard and deserves to have something that is her very own making.  The economy is very down now as you know so any money gained in a business should increase when it picks back up.  Also each advertising dollar spent is a boost to the economy and should increase her chances a attaining long term customers and eventually hiring some people to help her.       That's it for now,

Our birthday fishing trip

My wonderful mom is planning to take my wife and I on a fishing trip.  My wives and my birthdays are 1 day and 1 year apart so this is a present for us from my mom.  I hope that I catch a few more fish than mom but knowing her she will catch more than me.  I would really like to post a few pictures when we get back but I don't know if time will permit. I am looking forward to the scenic river and just being out there. The time away will do all of us some good. I am not looking forward to returning though because I know what we are planning to do so I'm putting everything out of my mind so I can just enjoy the trip.        bye for now,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Business sense; necessary or not to survive?

     To say the least I wasn't born rich not with money anyway.
  I can honestly say that I have a strong desire to be successful.  Success is measured in many different ways and is up to the individual to label it.  One way for myself to be successful is to own and operate a business.  I don't know of anyone who has went into business who didn't want to get rich.  Only a handful make a fortune.  The others myself included seem to going from one business to another trying to reach for something that only a few have attained.  At this point in time I am trying to narrow my description of success to practical experience that I have attained and to put greater dreams on the back burner.  Currently  my wife has started a cleaning business which has evolved from several years of running ads in the paper to do assorted jobs for people in our area.  She has 1 corporate account to date.  I like to think that she has made something out of nothing.  To help her in her venture I completed a couple of things for her.  I called the insurance people to find a quote.  I learned quite a few things about business insurance in the process.  I was told that this business was a sound opportunity and has future growth possibilities.  This was good news to hear.  She has completed her first three cleaning jobs for this corporation and she was told that she would receive a phone call for her next job very soon.  Everyone we have dealt with from the insurance agents to the corporate personal have been great.  As both of our birthdays are coming up we are going to take a few days off.  When we begin again we are going to start passing flyers and going business to business.  Thats our marketing plan.  I've heard that this is a good place to start so we are giong to do it.  I sure would like to know some other techniques that can be used to drum up business from some people.  I'd like to know what technique was used and to what success as well as the cost.  While typing this it just came to me to build a web site to advertise her business.  I could use some tips for this kind of advertising as well.  I am giong to conclude my first entry now and see if this gets any results.  I think this is very well worth the effort so I'm sure I'll try to create more entries later.  Bye for now,

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