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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Internet business as well of some of my fishing pictures.

    I really want to write about some extraordinary trip that we made or about how I am conquering the Internet marketing field and making tons of money.  I really want to write about something that could benefit the world and mankind. I want to have a purpose in my writing is the premise that I getting to.  But instead I'm going to write about some more Internet marketing tools and practices that I putting to use.
    One aspect of today's vast Internet marketing field that I use is referrals and ways to make some extra cash by utilizing these.  I have been searching for a proven method to get referrals.  That's a business in itself.  I don't have to be the icon of business referrals but I am going to have to get my share.  I've been reading such articles about sending 1000's of emails out at periodic intervals. As well as articles on building lists.  I presume that the idea is to get a percentage of interested prospects in something and to explain from my experience in whatever endeavor that I am marketing.  I believe in honesty first so if I'm doing well in a referral I am going to tell you. If I'm not doing so well I'm going to explain why and my intentions as to recommending this referral.  As you have seen in my past posts I have referred a few business that I'm take advantage of.  Some of the businesses I use are of in the advertising field.  At present I am on a limited budget so free comes to mind when I see it advertised.  These free advertisers offer you a chance to earn visitors to your blog or web site by taking part in such things as surfing through blogs and web sites.  This might sound trivial and you have to surf for a while to earn thee kind of visitors it takes to land referrals in your business.  At any rate free is also what you make of it in this kind of advertising.  I currently as I stated am on a budget so these advertisers definitely get traffic to you site but sometimes it takes many visitors to land even one referral.  As well you can see some of the businesses that I refer and I surf many opportunities a day I am actively involved in.  In my opinion these are legitimate Internet businesses and can make you some serious cash if you participate willingly and earnestly.  There are vast amounts of Internet businesses to get invovled in and I'm currently involved in two that I think will get me where I want to go financially.  These businesses also offer referral compensation and I recommend these as a viable way to have a business on the Internet that is profitable and sustainable for the future.     
   The above advertisement makes a bold statement by any means.  Everybody knows that $1,000,000 is a lot of money.  This isn't what first brought me into this business. Being realistic I would like to double the money that I currently earn and in the future if there's $1,000,000 in it I believe this is as good of opportunity to make as any other that I have read about. I am currently going through the initial stages of learning what is going to be asked of me.  Being a member they go ahead and let you start their referral program upfront.
   Another business that you might find advertised on this blog I have actively been working and have made some money but nothing as compared to what I can make at he upper methods for earning in this business.

Once I begin working the upper methods I should see my work start paying off.  Now at the lower methods I am breaking even but this will pay my way to the upper methods.  They have a excellent forum for help and discussing business issues.  So far everybody has been helpful and I am anxious to work my way up.


   I really can't think of how to continue this post so I conclude with a few family moments in pictures..  Above is(1) my wife and Donna waiting for us to return from fishing. (2) Waiting for the fish. (3)  this is a picture of my strawberry patch..(4) This is my youngest gbaby picking strawberries.
 All of this writing about Internet marketing and online business has made me stop and think what is actually important.  I thought I'd try to bring to you some things about me and my family just to keep a side of me that is as important as business a part of this blog..  bye for now,


Attitudes are contagious.  Are yours worth catching?  ~Dennis and Wendy Mannering

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