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Saturday, November 6, 2010

A day in the life of online marketing

Today I really wanted to write about my fishing trip that I made this week, or how slow the cleaning business was and I don't understand why.  I wanted to write about some of the quality time I spent with my family and why it was so.  But instead I've decided to write more about online marketing and how it keeps me busy if nothing else.  As you may or may have not noticed I've started to put a few advertisements on my blog.  I can honestly say that I use all of these advertisers and they seem to do pretty well getting my blog and web sites looked at.  Like I said in a previous post if I am going to use a business then why not promote them if it is in my interest.  To be honest I started advertising free with these businesses and now I can say that I pay to have my blog noticed.  I use these advertisers to get  somebody to notice the web sites I promote as well as promoting the advertisers which if they are noticed on this blog then I receive compensation.  I have started advertising with link exchanges.  I am trying to do what everyone else seems to be doing and that is making some money.  I 'm believe in duplication and that if something works for someone else if I can duplicate as close as possible then maybe it will work for me.  I have to be honest and I have looked at several blogs and they seem to be successful and mine is not in the same design or as informative as most of the others.  There are some real imaginative blogs out there.  I just tell myself that I'm doing the best I can.  I can take a sense of pride from the fact that I'm doing all myself.  Another thing that I would like to write about is referrals.  I am trying to build some quality referral sites.  If I can get someone to sign up then I will be compensated.  I do business with everyone that I refer.  In my opinion they are doing well and why not connect myself with them.  I also advertise my referrals using the advertisers on this blog.  Some of the referrals are mentioned on this blog as well.  If there is time in your busy day please check them out.  The future of the online marketing is unclear.  I do know that the businesses that I market are making money.  I am going to try to duplicate more of the blogs that I look through on a daily basis.  There is a lot going on and I don't have the time for everything, nobody does.  If I can accomplish a few business details a day then it will pay off in the long run.  To close as I said in the beginning of this post I wanted to write about the things going on in my life but I have been wrapped up in the Internet business that I'd thought I'd write about this instead.  Hopefully next time I can include about some of the other things important to me in this world.         bye,

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