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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Business sense; necessary or not to survive?

     To say the least I wasn't born rich not with money anyway.
  I can honestly say that I have a strong desire to be successful.  Success is measured in many different ways and is up to the individual to label it.  One way for myself to be successful is to own and operate a business.  I don't know of anyone who has went into business who didn't want to get rich.  Only a handful make a fortune.  The others myself included seem to going from one business to another trying to reach for something that only a few have attained.  At this point in time I am trying to narrow my description of success to practical experience that I have attained and to put greater dreams on the back burner.  Currently  my wife has started a cleaning business which has evolved from several years of running ads in the paper to do assorted jobs for people in our area.  She has 1 corporate account to date.  I like to think that she has made something out of nothing.  To help her in her venture I completed a couple of things for her.  I called the insurance people to find a quote.  I learned quite a few things about business insurance in the process.  I was told that this business was a sound opportunity and has future growth possibilities.  This was good news to hear.  She has completed her first three cleaning jobs for this corporation and she was told that she would receive a phone call for her next job very soon.  Everyone we have dealt with from the insurance agents to the corporate personal have been great.  As both of our birthdays are coming up we are going to take a few days off.  When we begin again we are going to start passing flyers and going business to business.  Thats our marketing plan.  I've heard that this is a good place to start so we are giong to do it.  I sure would like to know some other techniques that can be used to drum up business from some people.  I'd like to know what technique was used and to what success as well as the cost.  While typing this it just came to me to build a web site to advertise her business.  I could use some tips for this kind of advertising as well.  I am giong to conclude my first entry now and see if this gets any results.  I think this is very well worth the effort so I'm sure I'll try to create more entries later.  Bye for now,

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