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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some discoveries about online marketing that I'm going to share

      Something that might interest some of you and others who are already aware is that internet advertising can be a do-it-yourself promotional experience.  What I mean by that is that one of the advertisers of this blog lets you surf web pages to earn credit for advertising on your web site. I think this is constructive because if you have an advertising budget and you would like to get more visitors simply surf other web sites and the sponsoring advertiser will give you credits for getting someone to view your web site.  They also except cash as well.
      Internet Marketing has many facets and is complicated  as well as overwhelming.  One part of the business is referrals .  This can be an attractive incentive in deciding on a marketing stradagy.  If the marketing web site that you are currently using is doing a good job then why not refer them if you can make some money.  This is an incentive that a online marketing business might use to get more associates.  If you are using this brand of marketing then why would'nt you refer the businesses that you do business with.
      Many of us still look at advertising as promoting a product.  Todays online marketing provides many aspects of products as well as services and brings to a different light the term advertising to promote an online business idea. Marketing an idea can consist of different stradagies to market that idea.  These stradagies turn into businesses even in todays conventions utilizing the latest technology. To this I am referring to something like an online advertising agency that uses the latest software to promote a product as well as promoting themselves by using the idea which say and affiliate marketing business would use.  If you will agree it is very incomprehensible as to what will come up next.
     By know means am I an expert.  I am trying to define online marketing mostly through my own eyes.  This post and this blog are trying to expand on the online marketing.  I am going to explain my perceptions as best I can and let you decide if there is a purpose for you in these posts.  To get to the point I'm explaining it as I see it.  This blog is also a blog where I can inform you of my pursuits and interests in life. if you can find time in your busy day I'd sure like your opinion as to what you like or dislike about this blog.              Bye,

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