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Saturday, September 18, 2010

How do we capture an account?

  My wife started her business with just a knock on a couple of doors and handed a flyer or two out.  She successfully completed her first assignment for a corporation.  She is supposed to be called back for another assignment in a few days.  In the meanwhile she is planning to duplicate the marketing process which landed her first account.  Knocking on doors and handing out flyer's presents a challenge because one never knows if this is the best method.  The idea behind knocking on doors is that it is inexpensive and more personal than a telephone call or direct mail.  We have started to build a website but it is just in the initial stages of design and probably won't be ready for a couple of months.  The old adage that it takes money to make money is ever present in her marketing strategy.  She has a limited budget for this and in the short term this is going to hurt the chances of acquiring the contacts needed to expand her business.  I am just saying to you some of the things we discuss about the business and marketing it.  She does have time though and she is planning personal visits to potential customers very soon.  I am arranging for her to try a little direct mail advertising soliciting to just businesses that could use her.  The price be it worthwhile is a setback for us at this time.  If there are other methods of inexpensive advertising I'd sure like to see them and how they work.  I believe that after her website is up and running there will be a greater chance of getting her business advertised.  The design and the advertising for the website is being done without professional assistance so progress is slow to say the least.  Keeping up with new conventions in Internet business is a 24 hour a day job and one can never have enough experience or knowledge to keep abreast of all of the rapid changes.  We are going to settle for doing the best we can and hope that it gets some results.  Honestly I'm sure everyone has seen plenty a wonderfully built websites and if your like me try to duplicate one of these is pure hope.  We are trying to design a website that explains some of the responsibilities we are offering our customers.  As of yet there are no images on the website as it seems time doesn't permit us to include them.  We are taking pictures of our work and planning on displaying them as a marketing tool.  So far our website has 2 incomplete pages.  A few pictures and a form or two is all that is needed to start publish her website.  Certainly I would like to know other opinions on website design and this is one of the reasons for creating this blog.  I believe after we are satisfied with a couple of pages being designed as best as we can then we can start marketing the website.  This is a whole other can of worms so I write on it another day.  To close today I'll let it be known that we are going to pursue my wives business using as many different marketing strategies as money permits until something works.  She works hard and deserves to have something that is her very own making.  The economy is very down now as you know so any money gained in a business should increase when it picks back up.  Also each advertising dollar spent is a boost to the economy and should increase her chances a attaining long term customers and eventually hiring some people to help her.       That's it for now,

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