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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some more about our Internet business

Lately our cleaning business has slowed somewhat.  I just can't figure it out.  Anyway this lead to some free time to try a few things in the way of advertising and especially on the Internet.  We are trying different things to make this marketing pay for all of our advertisng needs.  We have added such lines of products as electronics and renting and selling down loads of video movies.  There are a couple of other areas that we are working on in the way of paying for our advertising and we will bring them to you as we continue to explore them.  We feel that this marketing stradagy is evolving daily.  What worked yesterday may still work today but there might be better ways to bring our business to our customers.  Some things we are trying is social networking.  We have constructed a Facebook page.  We are contacting different friends and family to look at it and give us some feedback either positively or negatively. Either way we are going to try to improve our public exposure.  As I said our friends and family are trying to find us through this means so if one of you get a chance to read this please give us some feedback at your convienence.  We have added application to our networking which our business contacts can give us feedback as well.  We welcome this and accept any feedback positively or other.  I'll close today and say that we are dedicated to our friends and family as well to any clients that we have.  We will keep you informed of our progress and our drawbacks as they occur.  Maybe we can all gain something out of this experience.  Finally I'm looking forward to next week as my son and I are taking the day off to do a little trout fishing.  He has been under a lot of stress for a while as he recently bought a home and everything that goes with that.  I'll try to include some pictures of this trip if for nothing else but my simple pleasure.  Thanks for letting me encroach on your time with this little bit of information.  Hope you keep coming back.           Bye.....

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