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Friday, October 15, 2010

I started an Internet business web site.

Having the luxury or the problem depending on how one looks at it of having too much time on my hands I have began a new quest for my life.  Today's commerce is immersed in Internet businesses and any one can be a part of it.  This is my perception and so with no formal degree I launched an Internet business.  As with most blogs web sites that I have looked at advertising a personal business is looked down upon.  With this I will only say that am building a web site for my wives business and some marketing on the Internet. It will be up to me to make sure that people who follow this blog will make the connection.  As I stated this web site will be twofold in theory.  Firstly I will try to bring my wives business to the local market as well as market some Internet businesses that have caught my eye. I have begun lining up some businesses such as referral websites and there hopefully will be more coming.  As I have said in early postings on this blog I am trying to earn a few dollars with this web site though as of this posting I haven't earned any. As the days go on I will detail how everything is going and present it in a better format than text. That's all for now,

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